Friday, May 20, 2011

NHL back to the Peg?

Whether or not this actually happens, the timing of the proposed announcement is perfect...

I believe May 24th is actually the birthday of Queen Victoria. One of the earliest successful hockey teams were the Winnipeg Victorias (I think they won the Stanley Cup 3 times).  The old Winnipeg arena was known for a giant picture of the queen hanging from the north(?) end of the building.

So while the rest of the country is getting over their May two-four hangover aka Victoria Day, Winnipeg will just be getting started if the rumours turn true.

Just don't call them the Jets, that name should have only been dusted off if it was the Coyotes coming back.  Falcons has a nice ring to it, and they would have a ready made 3rd jersey with the one worn by the amateur team that won the Olympic gold all those many years ago.