Friday, May 28, 2010

So Damien Cox thinks the Black Hawks logo is offensive...

Cox's article is oozing with white liberal guilt, it has been years since he has been writing anything related to Toronto's team at this time of year so he has to go around looking for "stories" where none exist.

Ask Fred Sasakamoose (at right with Frank Mahovolich and looking pretty happy to be wearing the Black Hawks jersey) the first aboriginal Canadian to play in the NHL, who played for the black hawks by the way, or George Armstrong, Reggie Leach, Bryan Trottier, Stan Jonathan, Gino Odjick, Sandy McCarthy, Chris Simon (also played for the Black Hawks), Wade Redden, Sheldon Souray, Jonathan Cheechoo, Jordin Tootoo if they think the logo is offensive.  It should only be done away with if the people it "offends" are actually offended by it.

note: I am a habs fan, and I think the Hawks have the best logo in hockey bar none, I also think Don Cherry is a nut job and that female players have a right to be in the Hockey Hall of Fame(Hayley Wickenheiser is the best captain any team representing Canada has had during my lifetime)

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